It is an incredible feeling: everything stops for a moment, all your worries disappear and you only breathe in the scent of incomparable freedom. Any yachtsman would perfectly understand what we mean. Sailing is a real pleasure, almost without equal. That is precisely how we experience the sea at Náutica Reynes and it is our wish to share it with all lovers of the sea. We are indeed fortunate to be here on Menorca as it is such a wonderful paradise for boating. If an idyllic destination for yachting can be said to exist then, without doubt, it is this island. Its coastline contains the best preserved natural spots in the Mediterranean, and travelling along the coast we will be able to discover unspoilt beaches, hidden coves or natural harbours where you can sail peacefully. The Menorcan coastline opens out into safe anchorages, among these stands out the majestic harbour of Maó, which is one of the most extensive and beautiful natural harbours in the world. Furthermore, this island boasts of having the Nautical Sports Resort of Maó, Fornells and Ciutadella, which offer maritime services of all types, throughout the year, for you to enjoy the great experience of the sea at anytime.









Menorca is a small island as regards its territory, although it is immense as far as its possibilities of enjoying sailing. This is the way that we see it in Náutica Reynes, therefore we have as many sensational opportunities at your disposal as can be found on Menorca: experience the excitement of our speedboats, enjoy the peaceful coast with the most reliable fishing boats and the very well-known “llaüts” (typical Menorcan boat).

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